The Parable: A Fearful Climb

Aviary Photo_131148396181265841


Oh, dear… oh, dear…

This thing You ask…

It is too much!

Remember me? I am only a tiny worm… that is all.

Fragile, Dream-Maker… easily broken.

Have You forgotten?

tree barkOh, dear. This tree…

This bark… it is too rough!

It hurts my feet!

How can I climb a thing so BIG?


Oh, dear… what if I slip? What if I fall?

Oh-why-oh-why, did I pray for wings!?tn_img_6542

Are you listening to me Dream-Maker?

If I fall? I shall be squished!! 

What then? What then?

Oh, what shall become of squished worm with squished dreams?!

I can’t look down…

I can’t look down…



Climb or die.




Climb or die

     climb or die

          This is too hard!

You ask too—MUCH!