Never Losing The Light: Silence, Storms and Stillness

My silence never seems so loud as it does in the storm, yes?


But I have already told you, storms are for building your faith.

Sometimes that requires silence… and waiting.

I understand your fear.

I understand your impatience, too.

You think you are, too, weary. You think your faith will fail.

But, I am here.

I am always beside you.

This storm is for strengthening, for revealing you to you.

Your faith will not fail. On the contrary, it will grow!

Be still now.

(Cease this wailing.)

That is unbelief looking for a voice!

Refuse to lend it yours and it will run back to the pit it crawled from; then faith will rise.

(Come child…)

Take your eyes from this storm and rest them here, on your Father.

I hold the wind and the waves captive. They are Mine to command and they only do My bidding.

When the time is right; I will still them.

Be still now.


This tempest will not destroy you; it is building you.

(Oh, Sweet Heart…)

Come now…

Be still.

You are stronger than you think. Steadier than you know. I built you for storms!


Be still.

“I cry to the LORD; I call and call to Him. Oh, that He would listen.”  Psalm 77:1