A Closer Walk: Tranquility Much Preferred

We all like those times of tranquility in life don’t we? When our lives are peaceful and all systems are “go.” I confess, l love those times. I’m not fond of trouble or chaos. (Nope, not my thing.) I’d prefer a life of lush green meadows and quiet still waters.

It sounds so nice.

I hate it when dark clouds form on my horizon and I hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance. Stormy times make me queasy. Which always makes me wonder, “Why in the world did God choose someone like me for one of His Last Days disciples?”

Jesus said “the last days” before His return would be very stormy times filled with trouble.

(Does that make your heart sink like mine does?)

I don’t like troubled times. I grew up with trouble. Chaos was frequently the order of the day at our house.

You’d think I’d be used to crisis by now; comfortable with it.

I’m in my sixth decade for Pete’s sake!

If not now… then when?

Unfortunately, just the opposite is true for me.

When the dark clouds roll in?

I want to duck-n-run for cover!

From God’s point of view that’s a problem.

I’ve done this discipleship thing long enough now to know that God doesn’t appreciate my whining! Complaining, tears, and griping, will earn you time in the heavenly woodshed. (Believe me, I know.) So I am trying to learn to appreciate the positive side of storms, instead of always moaning about all the negatives.

Storms bring rain and growth.

(As long as there’s not, too much, of the wet stuff.)

Storms in life work on similar principles.

Stormy times bring trouble. Trouble brings growth, right? Our faith muscles grow. Our prayer life usually gets a nice workout—also producing new levels of stamina, for better endurance.

These are all good things from God’s point of view. It’s just that God and I don’t seem to ever agree about this “too much” thing.

When sprinkles turn to showers, and showers turn to downpours, and downpours produce flooding in my life? I tend to think, “Enough is enough… God, okay? Go rain on somebody else’s parade!”

This is where my fists tend to clench and my attitude really tanks.

(Not good.)

I have learned (mostly the hard way) that attitude is a very BIG thing with God.

Maintaining a positive attitude in a bad situation, will generally work in your favor. The reverse is also true! Bellyaching, carping, and complaining? Not so much.

Remember those guys who circled in the wilderness for forty years; unbelieving and kvetching? They didn’t make out so good—and I guess that’s my point.

God passionately loves us but is relentless in His goals for us. We don’t move Him by fear or complaining. He’s after growth! He wants maturity, stability, and exceptional examples of His Love and Grace.

He’ll get it from us, too… come heck, or neck-high water!




Ah, you see? After every storm there is growth!

You see just the first green shoots of change in your character, I see the “green pastures and still waters” your life is in the process of becoming!

(Someday, little one.)

Someday, many of My sheep will come and rest in the sweet resting place I AM creating in you. They will come weary and longing for rest, and because of all you have gone through, you will be equipped to meet their needs.

I will be beside you guiding you as I AM now.

Together we will bring many back to strength and robust believing!

Your life will be a place of great refreshing for many of My wounded and brokenhearted.

Today they wander child.

(You know this.)

They wander in dry pastures where there is no water for their souls.

Ah, but soon, very soon, you and I will water, and feed, and refresh—their souls will be restored, vision renewed, and their calling revived!

daylight desert drought dry

Is this not our dream?

Is this not what you asked Me for?

Be encouraged little shepherd.

Let Me lift that head.

Weep not for what is lost. You must be willing to lose in order to gain. It is Kingdom Law. (You know this.) You must release the things in your life, even the good and wonderful, if I ask it.

I cannot put this vision and destiny into clenched fists.

Come. As you follow Me, you will learn, letting go always precedes receiving!

“The tender grass grows up at his command…”  Psalm 104:14