Never Losing The Light: I Hear You

I hear you.

(Yes… I do.)

And, I will come, when the time is right.

Remember Mary and Martha? They were in a storm, too. They didn’t understand, either.

I want you to let go of this need to understand everything. It is the frightened child in you struggling for safety and a sense of control.

(Yes, I understand.)

Your childhood was difficult.


But, it is time to surrender your childhood years.

(I know.)

The pain is still so real.

But, you are no longer a child.

You have come through all that. Give them up now. Give them to Me. All the memories of confusion and terror.

(I am a Faithful Father.)

Remember, you would not be who you are, had you not come through those storms.

(I like who you are.)

Yes, I know… liking yourself… that’s the challenge.

(But, we’re getting there.)

You are so much farther than your parents ever got, yes?

Let them go now.

I will take the memories and heal them.

Yes, I will, but first you must let them go.

They are holding you back.

I have come to give abundant life; abundant joy.

But the choice to receive?

(That is yours.)

“I am in deep trouble and I need His help so badly. All night long I pray, lifting my hands to heaven pleading.”  Psalm 77:2