Never Losing the Light: View The Changes With A Smile

Child, I want you to begin to view the changes I bring with a smile.

(These frowns… honestly!)

You cry to Me for change, and then when it’s not the kind of change you envisioned…

If you could see your face!

My sweet child, what have I told you about “understanding”?

(Of course you do not understand.)

Really, did you think you could?

My darling little one, don’t weep. Believe in my loving care for you… of you.

I will only bring the changes you most need.

(Of course you don’t understand.)

Never mind.

I will do the best thing not necessarily the easiest.

Even new things have their challenges, yes?

Of course. It is My way. I will always be nudging you higher.

(Not pushing – nudging.)


As I see you are ready, I nudge you into the “new thing” My omnipotence has planned for you. (Isaiah 43:19)

Testing? (yes.)

Challenging? (yes.)

Sometimes, nerve-wracking!

But, these changes are all for your good. All designed by Me to bring you along, problem-by-problem, gently nudging you into a new glory.

(You see this in creation.)

Does not My creation declare the glory of the LORD? (Psalm 19:1)

(Of course.)

Do not let this happy trust in the LORD die away, no matter what happens.”

Hebrews 10:35