A Closer Walk: Jar of Clay With Cross of Christ

Ever wonder why God gave us something as awesome as a new heart, the power of Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit, and then stuck all that great mightiness in this flawed and flimsy jar of clay?

Why’d He do that?

I mean, God could have fixed it so we’d never struggle again, but no, we have all this great stuff like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control (along with a new heart) but it’s stuck inside this fragile clay we call our flesh.

And, this flesh?

It doesn’t want to do any of that great stuff! It is constantly rebelling and waging war against the things of the Spirit. [Romans 8:7]

This battle?

It never, ever, ends! Day in, day out, we have this flesh of ours to contend with, and we have to find our way to overcoming it.

Wears me out some days… and some days, I just want to give up the struggle.

(And don’t tell me there isn’t a struggle.)

There’s always a struggle!

Wasn’t it the Apostle Paul himself who said, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?”

(Yeah, he knew.)

He knew it’s hard to love someone who deliberately hurts you. It’s hard not to be angry when someone lies to you, or about you. It’s hard to come back with a soft answer when someone is yelling insulting, degrading things at you.

And, there’s so much more…

You KNOW it’s hard. (So do I.) This flimsy, fragile, brittle, clay jar! This flesh we’re still packin’ around. Some days I just want to throw in the towel and say, “What’s the use?” ’cause I get so weary of fighting this battle with myself. [Romans 7:18-25]

Yeah, this battle is just so, daily. I guess that’s why Paul also said, “I die daily.” [1 Cor. 15:31] because that’s what it feels like most days… like this flesh is killing me! Only, really, it’s me (or is it Him?) trying our darnest, to kill it.

I guess that’s what discipline is for because the dictionary says,

DISCIPLINE (noun) a branch of knowledge; a system of conduct or method of practice; the trait of being well behaved; training to improve strength or self control; the act of punishing. (Punishing. Yep, that’s about it.)Discipline’s my best weapon for conquering this flesh with all it’s wrong behavior and wrong desires, so that this new heart of mine, at least stands a fighting chance. And it is the fight of my life… to choose to do right, when everything wrong is happening.

Thank goodness I have the Holy Spirit’s help, ’cause I don’t have a chance or a prayer without Him!






It pleases Me that you have set your face like a flint to forgive. You are determined—to not let anyone’s failures defeat My purpose for you and your life!

Shall I tell you My Dear One, here, right here, is where the-enemy-of-men derails many a life.


It is impossible to pass through this life without being abandoned, rejected, and betrayed. (Sin still rules, too, many lives.) Yet, how My children still foolishly expect to live their lives, exempt from such sin! They believe their own good deeds should make them impervious to suffering.

Search the scriptures. Search the history of your planet. It’s not there! Injustice, and pain, and suffering is what you will find.

Therefore… it is your calling to overcome, not outrun!

Sin is a fact of life, like gravity. The sooner this inevitability is faced, the sooner it can be overcome.

I do not ask you to celebrate pain.

I do ask you to rejoice, in your ability to forgive, love, and thereby overcome.

When you gather all your heart, and mind, and strength… and decide. Sin and Satan cannot defeat you!


Remember? Destiny and discipline go together. You cannot break through to destiny, without a determined discipline, of mind, heart, and behavior.

When you determine to come out of this “Valley” without anger, or grudge, you defeat the plan of the enemy. When you embrace, forgiveness and goodness, you protect your most vital asset to destiny…

Your heart!

“And I will give you a new heart… I will take out your stony hearts of sin and give you new hearts of love.” Ezekiel 36:26