The Empowered: A Trevor Black Novel

The Empowered, is Craig Parshall’s newest Trevor Black Novel and it’s packed with all kinds of crazy action and suspense.

A top cop in the Justice Department has just been murdered and Trevor has been called upon to use his extraordinary abilities and experience with demonic warfare to help solve the crime.

Young girls are disappearing in New Orleans and somehow the murder in Washington D. C. is connected. So our hero Trevor heads to the Big Easy to try to get to the bottom of things.

That’s when all (you-know-what) breaks loose!

The EmpoweredAnother cop is found murdered in Trevor’s hotel room and in what looks to be voodoo ritual sacrifice!

This story is a wild combination of crime thriller, meets science fiction, meets horror movie.

I am  a Christian who believes in demonic possession of unbelievers, and real spiritual warfare for believers, but whether or not demons have the power to do the things portrayed in the story?

I’ll leave that to the reader.

Suffice it to say The Empowered is NEVER boring.

It’s a riveting mystery wrapped up in an occult scenario with liberal amounts of Cajun spice.

The EmpoweredWild as it was I liked it and gave it five stars on Goodreads.

The Empowered is available now on Amazon or any of your other fine bookstore retailers.

My thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for sending me this complimentary copy in exchange for my review.