Never Losing the Light: Kingdom Reward

I know so often you think of “reward” in the tangible realm. Money, friends, houses, land, jobs… and yes, these are rewards. But, only one type.

When I say, “Remember your reward” I am speaking of heaven, yes, but not just a heavenly kingdom to come.

(Oh, no.)

I am also speaking of possessing The Kingdom here and now.

My Son told you, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21)

Think of it!

All of the attributes of Christ and His Kingdom, My Kingdom, within you!

Is this not great reward?

How often My child you become enmeshed in gathering the trappings of an “earthly kingdom.” Wealth, position, prominence, power… how My children chase after these things! Running here, chasing there, looking, always looking to outward earthly things. But, child…

Child, I tell you, you have a glorious Kingdom dwelling within you.

I Am there.

The Spirit is there.

My Son is there.

I know these things are beyond your earthly comprehension—but not beyond your earthly possession.

(You have glory in you.)

How many of My children walk about, chasing after something so much less than they already possess.

(Not you Sweet Heart.)

You are to spread the news of My Kingdom far and wide.

(And for that, I AM glorious IN YOU.)

“… remember your reward.” Hebrews 10:35