A Closer Walk: Information Age

I don’t suppose there has ever been a time like the one we are living in, where there is so much information being disseminated from so many sources. Movies, television, internet, books, newspapers, magazines, even our phones are now in on the act! Hundreds of thousands of voices, all vying for our attention in the hopes of reaching us with their message.

We are living in a day and age, where expressing our opinion and point of view, is highly encouraged.


Overall, I think expressing one’s opinion is a healthy thing. I very much enjoy listening to other points of view even if I don’t agree with them. It is the thing that encourages our democracy and promotes freedom. However, with our freedom comes increased responsibility.

There is an old saying, “Where our mind goes our feet follow.”

We do tend to drift in the direction of our focus and that can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on the subject matter we have focused on. If we choose the positive, we go in that direction. If the negative, we tend to go in that direction.

So, then it becomes imperative to be aware of what is predominantly capturing our thinking and our attention, doesn’t it?

This is especially true for the professed Christian.

For us there is a high degree of accountability. When a Christian chooses to become a follower of Jesus Christ, we choose to make ourselves accountable to Him for every part of our lives. (I think we don’t like to talk about this very much.)

But the fact remains, we are subjects in His Kingdom, and therefore we are subject to a King.

I think in the Western Church where we have been raised with republican thoughts, and democratic ideals, we are especially vulnerable. We like our freedom to choose. It is a hard thing to surrender sometimes when the Holy Spirit may be challenging our choices.

I don’t know about all Christians, but for myself, I know that the Holy Spirit will challenge me immediately if I am watching, or reading, or listening to something I shouldn’t. (He does this because of love.) He loves me and wants to protect me. Part of His assignment is to guide me in paths of righteousness, and in my experience, it is an assignment He takes very seriously!

He knows the information that becomes commonplace changes me.

A big problem is when the object of my attention runs contrary to the Word of God.

He knows, where my mind goes, my feet will (eventually) follow. He knows, too, one of the greatest battles any Christian fights is right here—in our mind.

What we allow to “camp” there, will eventually find it’s way to the door of our hearts.

And since our God is a jealous God? [Exodus 34:14]

He takes it very personally when anyone, or anything, vies for my first love. He is a King, after all. (He is THE King.) He demands first place.

Always has—always will.




Just as you cannot go forward with a stony heart of unforgiveness—you also cannot go forward with an undisciplined mind.

You have been told many times, “…the battle is for your mind.”

It is so.

What you read. What you watch. What you listen to. All, affect where your thoughts will go.

You think that sometimes I AM, too, harsh with you.

I know.

You see others doing things I command you not to do and you wonder why.

Have I not told you, and impressed most fervently upon your heart from your earliest days of serving, “…to whom much is given, much is required.”?

(You know I have.)

How quickly prosperity seems to wash this away from people’s heart!

For some of them you would think, “To whom much is given; much more is allowed.”

This is not My way.

If your anointing and calling is small; small things are expected of you.

But, if your anointing is great; if your calling is high? Great… great, is your accountability!

I will require an answer from you for it all!

I will expect an accounting.

(Remember it.)

I AM Master. All I give… ALL, will require a face-to-face with Me someday. Brand it on your mind. It will help you avoid being lulled to sleep by your enemies.

Guard your mind… it is the doorway to your heart.

“Whoever is wise, let him understand these things. Whoever is intelligent, let him listen.”  Hosea 14:9