Keturah, The Sugar Baron’s Daughters

Lisa Bergren has just released her book, Keturah. This is book one in her new Historical Romance series for Bethany House Publishers, The Sugar Baron’s Daughters.

Our story begins in England but is mainly set on the Caribbean Island of Nevis (which I confess) I knew little to nothing about before reading this book.

Bergren has really done her homework as the story is rich with colorful island history, as well as the slave trade from the 1700’s, and the sugar industry that sprang up from it.

I love Historical Romance, especially when it is done well, and Keturah is certainly one of those.

There are three sisters—the oldest being Keturah our heroine—a fine well-bred lady living the usual sequestered life of female gentry in England.

Suddenly they get news that their father has died on the family sugar plantation in the Caribbean. With that devastating news comes the additional weight of their collapsing finances and their impending doom.

Now what?

Keturah by Lisa T. BergrenKnowing nothing about farming or plantation life, but realizing that their father has left their future in serious jeopardy, Keturah announces that she alone will set out for Nevis to see what can be done to recover the plantation and save their fortunes.

Of course, this flies in the face of all that is respectable in a fine, well-bred, English lady! The sisters are shocked at Keturah’s announcement—then terrified! They can’t let her go alone, can they?

Certainly not!

So they decide they will join her.

Their English relations are aghast!

What are these women thinking?

They have surely all lost their wits!

Be that as it may—Keturah is adamant.

Something must be done, and done quickly, if they are to save the plantation and financially survive!

As I said, this is a very well written story. One that is full of heros and heroines alike and if you are a Historical Romance fan you will truly enjoy this one. But, fair warning!

Keturah The Sugar Baron's DaughtersIf you want to know the final outcome for Keturah and her sisters? Or what happens to their evil nemesis; their handsome and debonair neighbor? Or, the dashing sea captain who’s heart has been captured by one of the sisters?

Sorry, you will have to wait and purchase: The Sugar Baron’s Daughters – Book Two!

(Yeah, I know.)

I did give this story five stars on Goodreads (even though I hate being left hanging at the end of any book…) Sigh!

I want to thank Bethany House Publishers for sending me this complimentary copy in exchange for my review.

Keturah is available now on Amazon or any of your other fine book retailers.