Never Losing the Light: Winter Waiting

Winter waiting is hard. (I know.)

But it develops all of these:

– above all, patience

– then, composure

– and, of course, endurance




All aspects of waiting.

Which ones do you think you can do without?



How about composure?

(Have you ever seen a chicken without its head?)

So is a man or woman without composure.

Can you imagine having come through what you’ve already come through without endurance?


How about steadiness?

The storms of life would wash you off your feet!

(Oh, here’s one—stability.)

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8)

Have you ever had to endure living with the results of a double-minded-man?

(Never mind, we both know the answer to that one.)

Well, let’s see… that only leaves trust. The foundation of every relationship.

Shall you call yourself My child and yet, not trust Me?

(Never mind.)

Foolish questions only beget foolish answers.

(Have I made My point?)


“LORD, how long will you stand there doing nothing?” Psalm 35:17