A Closer Walk: The Languages of Love

There has been a lot of talk these past few years about the languages of love. Experts now say we each have our own.

The theory goes we all have a “test” if you like, or a measurement, of how (or if) we feel we are really and truly loved by someone.

The guy who first purposed the idea came up with five different languages that he says, will be our own unique way of speaking, hearing, or experiencing love.

I’ll admit, when I first heard of all this hoopla I thought, “Baloney, love is love.” (I like doing life in simple terms.) Too, much detail and I go into sensory overload and begin to tune out; love and loving definitely being no exception. But then, I attended a class given on The Five Love Languages and reconsidered. I thought, “Well… maybe? Since we’re all different, and all have our own distinctly different temperments, why not our own love-language?” (I decided to test out the theory out on some of my own relationships.) I asked each person some probing questions about what love looked like to them. Lo and behold, I found out we did each hear and feel love differently!

So, why bring this up?

Well, here’s the thing. I also began to realize that God Himself has His own love-language. He spells it out in John 14:15, “…if you love Me; obey Me.” (Talk about keeping it simple.) I wasn’t exactly sure why, but reading that verse, has always been a little painful. And now, “Ah-Ha!” I realized why. I tell myself that I love God. (I even tell Him.) It usually gets dropped into my prayers as I’m thanking Him for something I know He’s done.

(So then, why painful?)

In short, my behavior. My attitudes. By my choices, I suddenly realized, I can deny my love for Him.

Have you ever had someone tell you they DON’T love you? It is painful.

God says to us, “If you love Me… really, really, love Me? Here’s what that looks like to Me.”

Short, sweet, and to the point, He tells us obedience is His royal-love-language. And if my obedience to Him says, “I love you.”…then my disobedience says, what?

How can you say, “I DON’T love You.” to Someone who was tortured to death for you? Someone who laid down His life just so He could PROVE how passionately He loves you? Sacrificing Himself for us still shouts from across the centuries…

And that says “I love you!” in any language.


Imagine a child singing out as he marches back and forth pretending to be a soldier. With each step he proclaims, “…obedient, obedient, got to be obedient!”

You smile as you think of the child’s heart and the seeds of truth that are being planted.

It is true. Obedience is the key that opens most of the doors in My Kingdom. Some by prayer; some by praise; but most by obedience.

I have made it the test of your love.

(Not Mine. Yours.)

If you love Me. If you, love Me, you will obey Me!

Obedience is the test that will always tell you how you’re doing. Are you obeying Me in all things? Are you quick to forsake disobedience? Quick to repent? When you obey Me you abide in My love, and My love, is the place of greatest blessing and power.

Sweet child, are you marching to this song?

Obedient… obedient… got to be obedient. (It is your wholeness I desire Sweet Heart.)

Whenever you let yourself indulge in disobedience that part of you is cut off from the Life Flow of The Vine. It soon begins to wither and a type of death occurs.

Come, come… let us have no more of this half-hearted following. Choose life. Obey My Voice.

The suffering will be temporary. The blessings—eternal.

“For the paths of the Lord are true and right, and good men walk along them…”

Hosea 14:9