Never Losing the Light: Slow To Speak… Selah!

That’s better.

People are watching you; watching your life.


Think about what that means… the responsibility.

A voice to this generation.

Everything that comes out of your mouth reflects on Me.


I know, ouch!

A wise man is slow to speak—especially when angry. (James 1:19)

Oh, selah.

That mouth!

That temper! (James 1:20)

And, everyone watching.

Listen, My little ambassador… I am going to conquer that mouth of yours. (Proverbs 13:17)

Do you want to do it the easy way or the hard way?

Shall I get out My bit… must you be bridled? (Psalm 32:9)

I’ve had about all I’m going to take from that undisciplined, unruly, I’ll-say-what-I-want, mouth of yours.


I want you to spend the next 30 days in the Book of Proverbs and James.

30 days… every. day.

(…and, I’m watching.)

Do your lessons or bear the consequences.

(You like to talk to others about consequences?)

Okay, let’s go there.

Final warning.

Bit and bridle.

You ARE going to walk worthy of your calling.

“I said to myself, I’m going to quit complaining! I’ll keep quiet, especially when the ungodly are around me.”  Psalm 39:1

* selah means: “pause and calmly think about that