A Power-shot Of Patient Worship

There is an old saying:

God is seldom early but He is never late.

In an old devotional called The Disciplines of Life there is a poem I love at the end of the essay The Discipline of Delay:

In every life

There’s a pause that is better than onward rush,

Better than hewing or mightiest doing;

‘Tis the standing still at Sovereign will.

There’s a hush that is better than ardent speech,

Better than sighing or wilderness crying;

‘Tis the being still at Sovereign will.

The pause and the hush sing a double song

In unison low and for all time long.

O human soul, God’s working plan

Goes on, nor needs the aid of man!

       Stand still, and see!

       Be still, and know!

There is nothing like a power-shot of worship to put the joy back in your journey when you have been waiting a long… long… time.