The abc’s of Believing: J – Jump!

Seeing other people be brave makes me want to be brave too. It’s a domino effect. — Annie Downs, 100 Days To Brave

I used to believe that to “just JUMP” into something without lots and lots of study, and careful consideration, was just plain crazy!!

I definitely thought of myself as a “look first,” leap later, sort of person.

But you know what I’ve discovered following Jesus?

Sometimes, He wants me to just jump, and trust that He’s already done all the “looking” that’s necessary.

This is definitely true when it comes to the courage to share about Jesus! We need to keep our eyes open to the opportunities that God will give us.

The a,b,c's of Believing

God is in the business of strategically positioning us in the right place at the right time, but it’s up to us to SEE and SEIZE those opportunities that are all around us all the time.

Mark Batterson, Draw The Circle

A new definition of BRAVE.

In her book, 100 Days To Brave, Annie Downs makes this statement,

Seeing other people be brave makes me want to be brave too.

That’s why we have to start. That’s why we have to go first. That’s why we have to be brave-so that others will be inspired to be brave along with us.

We can be brave because we were always meant to be brave.

It is scary to be who you’re meant to be. It doesn’t feel easy because it’s not. But we were made for this. Like today’s scripture says, [2 Timothy 1: 8-9] we have  holy work. Why be brave? Because when we’re brave enough to share the God stories in our lives, it changes the people around us. It changes us to share them.

Telling our own stories.

You know (for years) I thought my “story” wasn’t worth telling. And I kept telling myself, “Evangelism is just not my gift.” Plus, I believed that there was so much junk and broken stuff in my past, I thought, “No one wants to hear about things like, that.” I believed a “good witness” was only the one who shared about good stuff.

(I continually thought of all my BROKEN as bad.)

The a,b,c's of Believing

But I have since discovered something interesting. The broken stuff? That is exactly the sort of story that others can most relate to.

Especially people who have their own junky-junk, and feel broken, too.

This I now know for certain. Jesus doesn’t expect me to wear a plastic smile, and put on some kind of phony façade for the world to see. He just wants me to be real, and tell folks about the wonderful ways He loves broken prodigals, like myself!

Someone needs to hear YOUR story!

The abc's of Believing

You know, the one you’ve believed that no one wants to hear?

Someone out there needs to HEAR it.

(Yes, they do!)

Your story is going to make all the difference in their lives.

It may only be “a tiny seed” of hope you sow, but trust me, you need to sow it because God is still in the business of growing mighty oaks from little acorns.

Jesus knows you can do it. (He’s already been telling you so, hasn’t He?) And He can give you the right words, at just the right time… So, JUMP!

Annie says, “Brave is not about NOT feeling afraid. Brave is feeling afraid but doing something anyway.”

And this I also know from experience. Jesus will share His brave with you!

(Just like He has with me!)

So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.

Matthew 6: 33  The Passion Translation

One thought

  1. Yay for 100 Days to Brave and Annie F. Downs for constantly challenging her readers to trust God just a little bit more. I love what you said about the importance of sharing your story. As an introvert, I can definitely relate to the hesitation of sharing such personal, messy parts of my life. But whenever I do, I end up being encouraged as I am able to remember what God has done in my life as I share. P.s. If you haven’t read Annie’s book Remember God, I’d highly recommend 🙂 Have a great day!


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