Letting Go of My Unbelief

The impossible is an illusion… The impossible is temporary… Repent of unbelief in the possibility of your dream! – Mark Batterson

When I was praying about where to go with this blog in the New Year, I knew we would continue our series on believing, but I also knew that we had to go after our unbelief.

And, do it with gusto!

In short, I knew there needed to be more.

Enter Mark Batterson, with his amazing books that take on our myths of safety, “careful” Christianity, bogus ideas of “normal,” and instead, preach an “all-out, go-for-broke, time-to-shake-things-up” GOSPEL. “Eureka!” I thought, “This is it!”

So, fasten your seatbelt, because we are taking our world-changer-prayers to a new level. We are eagles, birthed into His kingdom, and we are here to embrace our destinies with a roar! 

I say, “No-Mo Status Quo!”

Or… “Get out my way, I’m comin’ through!”

I guess something just “clicked over” in me the year I turned sixty-three.

I woke up!

Eagles Who Roar

Like,  maybe I had been sleep-walking for years?

I don’t know, but suddenly, “Oh, Joy!” God made my life so miserable and uncomfortable; much like that mama eagle who tears the nest apart when her eaglets refuse to take flight. Yeah, there’s no other way to say it, “That year really sucked lemons!”

And God said, “Are you READY now?”

And two ideas began to take shape in my heart. 

First, I knew I was running out of time. Sixty-three isn’t ancient but it ain’t no spring chicken either! When you’re younger you can make all kinds of excuses, but in your sixties? Trust me, they ALL begin to sound real lame.

The second idea that wouldn’t let me go was this one.

The belief that Jesus could return at any moment.

If you study Bible prophecy at all you don’t doubt that for a minute.

But, then, that sets the stage for questions like, “Have I accomplished everything I was put here to do?” Or, “Do I want to face Jesus with some lame excuse? You know, like that infamous guy in scripture, who buried his talent?”

My answer to all of the above was, “No way baby!”

Which brought me full circle to God’s nudge, “If not now, then when?”

It’s our time to roar!

In Batterson’s book, Chase The Lion, he plainly states,

“This book is a call to repentance-repent of your small dreams and your small God. It’s also a dare-dare to go after a dream that is bigger than you are.”

Eagles Who Roar

Have you ever asked God for a dream that is bigger than you are?

A dream that you couldn’t ever pull off in your wildest imagination?

If you haven’t Batterson concludes, “…your dream is too small.”

Roaring with lions and soaring with eagles

I was recently finishing a devotional by Chuck Swindoll when I came across this little bit of encouragement.

Are you an eagle-type, soaring high beyond your peers? Do you find yourself bored with the maintenance of the machinery… yawning through the review of the rules… restless to cut a new swath… excited rather than intimidated by the risks? If so, don’t expect pats on the back or great waves of applause. Chances are you may even lose a few jobs, fail a few courses, and ruffle tons of feathers. Mavericks who don’t color within the lines are also notorious for not staying within the fences. And that makes folks terribly uncomfortable.

But take heart! You’re in good company!

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