Shepherd-King: Our Call To Go Low

For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:   1 Corinthians 1: 26 KJV

My heart can hardly fathom a Shepherd-King. The King-of-kings, mind you, becoming a shepherd? Why? Can you imagine it?

Talk about your oxymoron!

The One who created endless stars and planets, among millions of majestic galaxies, coming down to walk along the dusty roads with despised tax-gathers, and common smelly fishermen! And these? All chosen!

I’m sorry, but I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around a God who is high and lifted up; who is spotless, pure, and holy; that is willing and eager to shepherd sheep like us.

How dearly our Shepherd-King must love us!

Shepherd-King, A Call To Go LowGod came to us, the wayward, the broken, the hopelessly helplessly lost. We, who had no hope of heaven, rescued by a King! God Himself, come down to the filthy likes of us!

No wonder it is so hard for some to believe. It certainly does push my heart to the outer boundaries of my imagination.

The only REASON that my finite mind can grasp is—LOVE.

Think about it.

Aren’t you willing to do almost anything for the ones you truly love?

And so He did…

The Bible says,

He existed in the form of God, yet he gave no thought to seizing equality with God as his supreme prize. Instead he emptied himself of his outward glory by reducing himself to the form of a lowly servant. He became human! He humbled himself and became vulnerable, choosing to be revealed as a man and was obedient. He was a perfect example, even in his death—a criminal’s death by crucifixion! Because of that obedience, God exalted him and multiplied his greatness! He has now been given the greatest of all names! The authority of the name of Jesus causes every knee to bow in reverence! Everything and everyone will one day submit to this name—in the heavenly realm, in the earthly realm, and in the demonic realm. And every tongue will proclaim in every language: “Jesus Christ is Lord Yahweh,” bringing glory and honor to God, his Father!   Philippians 2: 6-10 TPT

The King of Glory, emptied Himself, of all his kingly rights to become our lowly Shepherd.

And, He took up this new title willingly—lovingly—for us.

He calls us to do the same.

How are we to “shepherd?”

Shepherding Like Christ: Relentlessly TenderAre we to arrogantly “strut our stuff” before our flocks and before the world, superior in our blind prejudices?

Are we really so confident in our beliefs that we are ever so-much-better than those around us?

Are we to hunker-down in our churches with a “Thank God we’re not like them!” mentality?

Or are we to “shepherd” as Jesus did, looking to Him alone, for our example of servanthood?

Aren’t we to seek out the “least of these?”

Those sheep who are weary, broken, and lost—loving them, with the same love He lavished on our once needy and thirsty hearts?

Where do you suppose Jesus would be found today if He were to walk the streets of your town?

In our beautiful churches—or in the streets?

I wonder if the answers could still surprise you.

I believe, they just might.