What’s In Your Heart?

Dare to fail. Mark Batterson, The Lion Chaser’s Manifesto, Chase the Lion

Beautiful Dreamer… what’s in your heart? What is that secret hope that you would do if you had wings to fly?

What's In Your Heart?

Long ago I wrote a series of poems about a caterpillar. An uncertain, weak-knees, frightened little thing… who longed for the sky.

A dreamer.

What's In Your Heart?

This caterpillar loved God.

This caterpillar wanted to change…

To become… whatever God wanted her to be.

So she prayed a prayer. She took a chance. Then she wrote, and wrote, and wrote…

What's In Your Heart?

The Dreamer

Dear Child of Mine ~ I see you there,
All burdened down with weight and care.
I see your tears as you clutch it so,
Your precious dream that died… (I know.)

I understand the hopes you held,
The longing wish that all would meld.
I know it seems “too late” to dream,
As though this pain were some sad scheme…

To break your heart; to see you cry.
To crush your hopes; to watch them die…
But don’t forget from Mary’s womb;
The miracle… the empty tomb!

From empty shells of seeming loss,
A victory shines across each cross.
So your life, too, a puzzle torn;
Will yield new visions ~ yet unborn.

Please trust Me as I take each piece,
And you will find as you release…
That from the Caterpillar’s sleep,
Will come new dreams for you to keep!

I love the creative process!

My Daring-Eagle-Dreamers…

Dare to try.

Dare to fail.

Dare to fly!

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