Doin’ Fine!

Hey I’m okay–I’m doin’ fine!

That is my story and my line.

I don’t need you, when I’ve got me!

I’m doin’ great, as you can see!

I learned it young. It’s all I know.

I’m all I’ve got! Life ain’t no rainbow.

Doin' Fine!

But in the dark, with none around;

The tears they flow–without a sound.

And in my tired, restless, mind;

I wonder if I’ll ever find…

That place. You know the one I mean.

Where I can rest awhile and lean…

Doin' Fine!

On someone who can stand the strain,

Of all my guff, and all my pain.

Yeah, life is tough. I gotta’ go.

You know this trip, it ain’t no rainbow!

I’m all I’ve got. My life is mine.

But I’m okay. Yeah, doin’ fine!

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 1999