Unique. Unparalleled. Original…

Dare to be different. Mark Batterson, The Lion Chaser’s Manifesto, Chase the Lion

That’s you! That’s me. We are totally unique. We are unparalleled in the universe. In fact, we are God’s original handiwork in each and every detail.

So when Mark Batterson implores us, “Dare to be different.” we actually have no choice. We are different! We are as different as each of our tiny DNA strands will attest to.

When God made you He broke the mold–because there will never be, another you.

So take the unparalleled risk…

To be yourself, with all your kooky kinks, foolish flaws and failures, and your truly awesome unique-self.

Why not?

No one else can be you–like YOU can be you!

Unique. Unparalleled. Original.

You were created to blaze trails, right?

So blaze away baby!

Say “So long.” to the cliques & the crowds

Unique. Unparalleled. Original.

I know how easy it is to follow the crowd.

(Yes, I know.)

I, too, have followed the fads and imitated the imitators.


And I know.

It’s not easy to abandon the status quo for the unknown and untried.

It’s risky! It’s scary!

(But truthfully?)

It’s where Jesus will always lead you.

(And, “That’s the truth Ruth!”)

Jesus didn’t follow the crowd–the crowd followed Him.

So get out of that boat!

If you want joy in the journey? You really do have to get out of the boat!

Unique. Unparalleled. Original.

What’s your dream?

What is God calling you to do?

He has given you gifts of His Spirit.

God has uniquely prepared you.

Take a risk.

There is great joy waiting on the other side of your trust and obedience.

You can do everything He asks, because

He is the God who sees.

Jesus n’ You?

An unbeatable team.

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