Dear God… I’ve searched

Inside this dark and lonely place,

I’ve searched for love, and peace, and grace.

I’ve chased it here; watched life go by;

Swallowing every stupid lie…

Dear God...

The enemy dropped in front of me.

I thought I knew but couldn’t see…

That I’d been duped and made a fool,

While trailing what I thought was “cool.”

Dear God...

Hope blinded now by sin’s disgrace,

Yet longing still for special place…

Warm, safe, and sure; sweet loving arms;

Protected, cherished, from all harm.

How did I sink to lowly gloom?

How do I flee my self-made tomb?

Dear God...

Dear God of Love, if You still care?

Please hear me. Get me outta’ here!

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 1999