Beginning Small

Well, we are ending our series of posts with Emilie Barnes by speaking into this new beginning of 2020.

Beginning Small

We have stepped over into the bright anticipation of a New Year and a brand new decade. Wow! I can hardly believe we are in the year 2020.

Anyway, here is where I would like to finish our series on HOPE, on the subject of faithfulness.

You see, though we speak all the time on this blog about destiny, and going after our BIG dreams, I want to make the point that big things come from small, faith-filled, little things.

Jesus said, “Even a cup of water given in His name would not lose its reward.” right?

Just think about all the small things that Jesus took great notice of:

  • The offering of the widow’s mite.
  • A mustard seed of faith for a mountain.
  • Mary’s single act of extravagant anointing.
  • The ignored compassion of the Good Samaritan.

All small things in and of themselves, in the eyes of the world perhaps, but noticed, and duly noted by the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Our “Mustard Seed” YES

So, I believe our faith grows, every time we say a mustard seed, “yes” and then get out of the boat.

Small Beginning

I don’t know about you, but as I step into this New Year, it is with RISK and high HOPES, as I take on a new project.

(I confess, at times it has been more than just a little intimidating.)

Yet, here’s the thing:

  • First, I know God is calling me to it.
  • Second, I begin, confident that He will help me in any assignment that is from Him as I step out and obey.
  • At the end of 2019 my online pastor challenged me to, “Just say, ‘Yes.’ ” and be, “Available.” In other words, “Write God a blank check.”
  • Finally, I have taken new steps to find the help, instruction, and encouragement I believe I am going to need, which means I am not doing this alone. (Thank you Jesus for opening beautiful doors at just the right time!)

Saying a simple, “Yes, I’m available God. Send me.” may seem like a very small act, but I assure you, I did it with knocking knees.

And, this I know from past experience–it is faithfulness in the small things that matters greatly to God.

Having tea with Emilie…

Our weekly teas with Emilie have been one of the highlights of my 2019!

green plants on soil

It was Emilie’s constant encouragement on these small posts that kept me headed in the right direction.

Winding up our tea-times together, I think she would want us all to remember this one very important thing, especially when it comes to sharing our HOPE with others.

Emilie says, “There is always something you can do, even if that something is very SMALL. If you can give up your pride enough to do not what you wish you could, but what you can–that very act of doing will give you HOPE. I promise.”

The fourth cup

Small Beginning

HOPE is huge but sometimes it can arrive in very small packages.

I hope you have discovered that as we have walked together through these posts.

You never know what will turn someone’s day around; what might make all the difference in their world.

As Emilie said, “There is always SOMETHING you can do–and doing it will bring… HOPE!”

* Emilie’s “gems” are shared with the permission of Harvest House Publishers. They are: Taken from: A CUP OF HOPE by Emilie Barnes, Copyright © 2000, Published by Harvest House Publishers

Photos courtesy of: Unsplash

This weeks photo credits and “My Thanks!” go to photographers: Joshua Lanzarini, Kobu Agency, Marcus Spiske, Francesco Gallarotti, and Hasan Almasi.

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