Strengthen My Hands

I will sing my song of joy to you, the Most High,
for in all of this you have strengthened my soul.
My enemies say that I have no Savior,
but I know that I have one in you!
Psalm 13:6 TPT

“… in all of this you have strengthened my soul.”

If I ask myself, “What has strengthened my soul?” many things come to mind. Things I had to endure. Difficulties I had to persevere through.

Strengthen My Hands

(Through, being the operative word!)

But if I could only choose one thing?

It would be WAITING.

And this MOST important–not just that I am willing to wait–but HOW do I wait?

How does God strengthen my hands?

You probably already guessed it, by testing my faith, and perhaps that through long years of waiting.

Oh, but in the waiting!

How He has taught me!

How He has strengthened my hands for the work He calls me to.

And, “Oh, how I thank Him today,” for every time He said, “Wait for Me!” and I obeyed.

Sing to Him a new song

In Isaiah 40:29 it says, “He gives power to the tired and worn out, and strength to the weak.”


How good You are to us!

Strengthen My Hands

How dearly You love us!

How wise it is to wait on You, for only You know the future; only You know all the wondrous plans out there waiting for us in the unknown; waiting for Your perfect timing!

Abba, we have waited for Your plan; for “the work” You have called us to.

Now, in Jesus name “strengthen our hands,” that by Your Spirit we might accomplish it.


Then he said, “This is God’s Message to Zerubbabel: ‘You can’t force these things. They only come about through my Spirit,’ says God-of-the-Angel-Armies. ‘So, big mountain, who do you think you are? Next to Zerubbabel you’re nothing but a molehill. He’ll proceed to set the Cornerstone in place, accompanied by cheers: Yes! Yes! Do it!

Zechariah 4: 6 The Message