My New Best Friend… Jones.

“Most folks figure a best friend accepts them as they are–but that’s dangerous garbage to believe…

The Noticer

The kid that works the local fast food restaurant accepts you for who you are–because he doesn’t care anything about ya!

But a true friend holds you to a higher standard.

A true friend brings out the best in you…

A best friend will tell you the truth…

And, a WISE BEST FRIEND will include a healthy dose of perspective.


The Noticer
REVIEW: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

When I began contemplating this review, it was after my third trip through this book I purchased on Audible.

Honestly, after all the reviews this book has received, I can’t imagine saying much that is new, or that hasn’t already been said.

The Noticer

Nevertheless, here I am, trying to come up with a brand new bunch of adjectives; hoping I can adequately describe the visceral, holy moment I had as I arrived at the last chapter.

“Stunning,” comes to mind.

I was intrigued throughout.

And, I guess that statement goes without saying, when you’re on your third trip through the book!

(Bought mine on Amazon’s Audible.)

You can believe me when I tell you, I have had fewer than four or five books in my lifetime, that took me to my knees, knocked the wind out of me, and put me on my face!

Chapter Ten, the final chapter of the The Noticer, did just that.

Man, what a finish!

For me it was a holy moment.

So, Meet Your New Best Friend… JONES.

I know I’m coming to the party late… but thank goodness, I finally got here!

This is YOUR invite.

If you haven’t met him yet?

Meet my new best friend, Jones.

You’ll might be tempted to add a “Mister,” but he won’t let you. Nope.

When he shows up, he’ll simply say, “The name is Jones… just Jones”

The Noticer