You’ve Got This Mighty Warrior!

The angel of God appeared to him and said, “God is with you, O mighty warrior!” Judges 6:12 Msg

I came through this day with this blog post to say, “You’ve got this mighty Warrior!”

You've Got This Mighty Warrior!

You may be convinced you can’t be who God is calling you to be, or do what you believe God is calling you to do? But, if God says you can–you can!

Winston Churchill said,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

So, if you’re thinking, “I can’t…” because of… whatever, I brought you the gift a special story to say, “Oh, yeah?”

Book Review in Five Parts:

This review is from a story I found in Bob Goff’s book, “Everybody Always.” A truly AMAZING book, and a game-changer for the Church if we’ll heed it.

To say this person is inspiring is surely not enough–just suffice it to say, this guy?

He leaves us all with no excuses.

The story is a bit long so I had to break it up into parts. For that reason, I dedicated five posts to this book because I believe everybody should hear this one.

So, all that being said, let’s dive in.

The following is excerpted from the story: KARL’S DIVE

Book Review: Everybody, Always, Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People.

I want you all to meet a guy named, Karl…


Karl was like most other kids in high school. He loved sports, and he was good at them too. But he liked mischief even more, and he was even better at that…

Some people can juggle. Others can tie a cherry stem in a knot with their tongue. Karl could hold his breath like a dolphin…

One day, Karl was at a friend’s house and saw two girls from his high school, who he wanted to both scare and impress, sitting on a dock at the edge of the water. Karl thought it would take something big to wow them. He wanted to make an impression with some attention-getting bravado. So he puffed out his chest and set off running toward the shore. His plan was to startle the girls by leaping over them and making a big splash in the water. Girls apparently dig that kind of stuff. His buddies were egging him on as he ran.

When Karl got to the end of the dock, he leaped like he’d been shot out of a cannon. As he passed over the heads of the girls, he gave out a loud battle cry and looked down to see their faces. His head pointed him downward and his body followed. Karl hit the water like a lawn dart and made a big splash…

… The water Karl had jumped into headfirst was only three feet deep.

(Next week: Book Review, Part Two)

365 “Fear Not’s”

Someone once told me there are 365 “fear-not’s” in the Bible–one for every day of the year.

You've Got This Mighty Warrior!

It is not a sin to be afraid. We’re all afraid sometimes. The guy who says he isn’t, well, I wouldn’t buy a used car from him.

But, our bibles say,

“Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.” Hebrews 10:38-39 KJV

This world is a scary place. Nobody is saying this planet isn’t.

Yet, we who call ourselves disciples of Jesus–we know the end of this planet’s story, right?

Our poster boy–Gideon?

I guess Gideon is just about one of my favorite heroes in the Bible, not because he looked like anyone’s hero.

You've Got This Mighty Warrior!

Hiding down in that hole in the ground threshing wheat must have seemed prudent, but I don’t think when the subject of courage came up, anybody thought of Gideon.

Yet that is exactly where he was when God called him.

(The story is in Judges Chapter Six.)

I guess God knew more about what was inside Gideon, than Gideon did. So, He called him out of that wine press and into an military assignment to deliver a nation.

Gideon basically said, “You’ve got the wrong guy God.”

Is that what you have been saying when you look around and see just how crazy things are getting out there? “God, You need to get someone else.”

(Maybe God knows a lot more about what is inside of you, too, just like Gideon.)

Is He calling you out now–in spite of all your doubts and fears?

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