Peas In A Pod?

The idiom two peas in a pod means that two people are very much alike; being similar to another person, either in appearance or because both people like doing the same things. –Google

In my many ponderings lately (on the subject of Moses) I was suddenly interrupted with this thought from left field:

Moses and Jonah were really alike–just like two peas in a pod.


Follow me for a moment, if you will.

  • Both are prominent characters in the Bible.
  • Both were headstrong runaways
  • When God said, “Go…” Both said, “No!”
  • Both asked God to, “Please get someone else.”
  • Both… became “World-Changer-Deliverers!”

The plan and The Planner

Have you ever noticed how almost nobody gets the life they want?

I sure did not. My journey has been nothing like I expected in my younger years. And, I confess, I have had many an argument (and tug-of-war) with the Almighty, over some of the assignments He has asked of me.

In case no one’s told you, you can ask for anything from God–but what you get?

  • Is not always your “heart’s desire.”
  • Sometimes, it’s a dirty job no one else wants.
  • Often, God’s “plan” comes with skinned knees, ugly scars, and junkyard dogs you would gladly have avoided.

I wish someone had just told me that in the beginning.

I’m not sure how I might have reacted, but at least it might have saved me some confusion, especially in the midst of the many heartaches.

Sugar-coated Jesus

I always want to ask folks who do try to sugarcoat this discipleship journey, “What Bible are you reading?”

(This is one of my biggest pet peeves.)

Why do we in the Church believe we have to sugarcoat Jesus?

Truthfully, Jesus is one of the roughest, toughest dudes, that ever walked on this planet.

No one could have lived the life He lived, do the things He did, endure the enormous burden of carrying the sin of the whole world (for all mankind) to that Roman cross, and be a sweet little wimp!

That makes no sense at all, if you read the Book.

If we could ask Moses, or Jonah

So… what has all this to do with our subject Moses?

Or, God’s Prophet Jonah?

(Or, us?)

Well, I say we’re ALL peas in the same pod. We all want to be “chosen,” but we want to be chosen for OUR plan, done our way, in our time.

TRUTH: Moses didn’t want to go back to Egypt, and Jonah, REALLY didn’t want to go to Nineveh.

And, if we’re being honest, there are things God wants us to do, that we are secretly saying to Him, “NO WAY!”

Reluctant prophets, priests, and kings

Poor Moses. I really feel sorry for the guy. Pharaoh was one mean, nasty, junkyard dog!

And, poor Jonah?

It ain’t no picnic being swallowed by a whale, and then, becoming whale barf on the beach!

(I’ve done both, though the truth didn’t hit me, until the words suddenly escaped my mouth one day.)

Yup, I’m guilty of being just another pea in the same pod. I’ve been a reluctant prophet, doing ten years in a place I absolutely DID NOT want to go. And, I’ve been a washed up “somewhat repentant” whale-barf-on-the-beach, priest-king.

Both, were definitely “God assignments,” and both (to me) sucked lemons, big time!

Our arms are too short

My point is this,

Our arms are way too short, to try to box with God.

  • We might argue our plan.
  • We might try running away.

But, if you are His, “chosen one,” dear one?

  • You will repent… someday.
  • You will return… someway.
  • Because, Jesus’ love is, relentless.

Ask Moses… or Jonah… or me.

And, here’s the really GOOD news.

Since, you can’t outrun God’s love ? You will never outrun His forgiving grace.

It can’t be done.

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