Screwy Left Turns

Now the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: “Speak to the children of Israel, that they turn and camp before Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, opposite Baal Zephon.” Exodus 14:1-2

I wish I could tell you that God’s directives will always make sense to your naked eyes. But, the Bible clearly tells us something different.

There is story after story, illustrating just how often God shows up, with very clear directions that make absolutely no sense.

That’s when I must remind myself again.

God’s ways are not my ways…

Even when they make no sense to me.


Camp, when the most prudent thing seems to be, for heaven’s sake, get moving!

Camp? When I can clearly hear the chariot wheels of my enemies?

Camp here? But, I’m surrounded!

Look at all that water God!

At this precise moment, “Were there not enough graves in Egypt?” seems to be the right response.

Especially, since…

Pharaoh’s coming!

What do you do, when you can’t see what to do, and you have prayed…?

(And yet, God’s directions look nuts!)

Has your fear got you so tied up in knots, over that proverbial barrel, until you are about to lose your lunch!

Standing still? It feels like the height of folly. Yet, God’s clear directives are:

  • Camp.
  • Between Migdol and the sea.
  • Now… stand still.

But God, Pharaoh’s coming!

When faith feels fragile

I’ll confess, sometimes my faith gets stretched so thin, it feels mighty fragile.

I have stood at many a Red Sea, and thought, “This time I may not make it.”

(Once, I was so desperate, I even took steps to plan my exit from this planet.) Fear had its ugly hooks sunk deep in my heart. My enemies were literally laughing at me. My “friends” took off.

It was just me and God.

As I stood there in Moses’ shoes, believe me, I was good and scared. Scared I had got it wrong somehow. Scared my enemy had finally destroyed me. And yes, scared that maybe God wasn’t going to show up.

Looking stupid anyway

Honestly? It can sometimes look real stupid to trust God.

You’re out on that fragile breezy limb…

And, you’re alone.

(You’ve never felt so alone.)

It’s alright to check your compass again.

It’s okay to wonder…

  • Did I hear right?
  • Did I do right?
  • Is this crazy direction really God?

But, in the end, faith follows Jesus, wherever He points.

Crazy people

I know. The world thinks it’s crazy to love God; to want to obey Him whatever He tells you to do.

But, when God says “Stay.” you stay.

And, when God says “Go.” you go.

Whatever He tells you to do, you do!

It may look like obeying is crazy.


Better the wilderness with God, than Babylon, without Him, right?

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