Finishing A New Beginning

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 KJV

A new beginning does not always go smoothly.

Sometimes getting there is a journey of delays, obstacles, and lots of frustration–like no internet access to two long months!

But… it may also be full of delightful surprises.

Like wonderful new friends and beautiful vistas on an oh-so-perfect budget that fits you like a glove.

This new move to a new location?

Yes, it has been full of bumps, delays, frustrations, but also lovely surprises.

Moving at 71… not at all what I expected.

What an education!

First of all, just because you remain “young at heart” and still feel 25 years old between your ears?

Believe me, your 71 year old bod will teach you a few new lessons in patience, endurance, and prayers of desperation.

I certainly understand now, (almost two months later,) just why God instructed me to “REST” before this move.

I also appreciate with new vigor, why it is so important, not only to get daily instructions from the Holy Spirit–but to obey implicitly what He tells you to do.

When God kept whispering, “the journey is too great for you” I thought I knew exactly what He was talking about.


Not even close.

When my back suddenly went out, and put me down for the count for several weeks, suddenly the lights went on!

Headstrong only wastes time

Needless to say, flat on my back and in intense pain, I let go of my plan, my agenda, and my schedule.

When God says to you, “You will do this little-by-little,” He means little.

(Type “A’s” don’t normally do little well.)

We’re “get it done” folks.

You know that line that says, Your arms are too short to box with God?

Oh, yeah.

Way, way, too short–and getting headstrong with the LORD only wastes more time.

Embracing my new beginning

It doesn’t look like I thought it would.

When God said He was taking me to a “wide open place” I was thinking house with a beautiful garden. I was thinking we’re headed east.

I could see it so clearly!


My new beginning is smaller, at the end of a dead-end road. A one bedroom apartment in a Seniors only community. No garden, but beautifully landscaped, with full grown trees throughout… on the extreme Northern side of town. But, looking out onto wide vistas of open meadows with mountains in the distance.

It isn’t where I thought. It isn’t as big as I imagined.

Yet, it is so perfect for me–I love it!

My miracle is still in process

After two months of hassles with setbacks and obstacles aplenty, I’m not “moved in” yet!

I still have about 30% of my storage unit to empty and our freezing weather has added at least another two months.

My back has adjusted itself, due entirely to forced rest and refusing to pick up anything over five pounds, but slow and easy is my new default speed!

And, I guess that’s my message.

The “miracle” you’ve been praying for may not look like what you are expecting.

You may have to do some adjusting to your expectations vs. conditions and abilities.

But, trust me.

Whatever, or whenever, or wherever your new beginning might be? If God has planned it? You will love it.

And, it will be perfect for you, and where He is taking you.

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