Never Losing the Light: Storms Price!

Shipwreck7-300x251Storms always have a price tag.

Did you know it would be so high?

(No, of course not.)

For this storm the price was enormous, yes? But… I do not speak of it to inflict guilt.


I want you to take a moment with Me and survey the debris.

As far as you can see, and much further, this storm has left it’s tracks of destruction on men, women, and children.

The storms price has been high.

Do you see why I despise pride above all?

Pride has led us here.

We shall begin the cleanup and recovery right away—but there has been a price.

(Oh, the price!)

Do you see why My heart breaks over sin?

(Oh, the price.)

My sweet child…

Tell them of the price. Show them your scars. Then, tell them there is a way…

There is a cross. The price has been paid. All paid… all of it.

Tell them. They will come. They will listen.

Tell them.

(Come, My child…)

Fret not. Weep not. The debt is paid.

Square your shoulders. Cast your net!

It’s time to go fishing!

“… so everyone escaped safely ashore.”  Acts 27:44

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