Never Losing The Light: Small Things

I always begin small.

So many of My children want to begin at the end instead of the beginning.

photo-1462690417829-5b41247f6b0eWhen I plant the seeds of doing “great things” for the Kingdom, they are just that—a seed.

A seed is a small thing, yes, but it holds the promise of greater things to come.

To plant the vision is only the beginning.

I think you see that now.

That seed must endure years (often many) buried in a dark place, seemingly forgotten.

It must endure other “seedlings” passing it by, as they reach for their own destinies.

I think you are beginning to understand, that years of preparation and laying a careful foundation, go into founding a vision.

I AM a Master Designer.

I build to last.

How many there are who begin with Me, but oh how few finish.

It is in the process of shaping My children to the-vision-planted, that they lose heart, and decide small things are not worth their time or talent.

Ah, but in the testing of small things, faithfulness is formed.

Perseverance is established.

And, endurance is won.

The test of small things

That is where great things are born.

“His master praised him for good work. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, he told him.” Matthew 25:21